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The test results were very confusing to me.  The students did really well on the constructed response question about the main idea of photosynthesis.  70% of the students were able to say that the main idea was to make food for plants.  About half of those were more specific in their answers and said that photosynthesis made sugar for plants.  

What was strange was that on an easier question, "T/F Products are the materials that go into a chemical reaction," Students only scored 29%.  Students were also not able to identify the reactants and products of photosynthesis using the equation at a high level.  

Clearly, my next steps are to deconstruct this and figure out why.  My hypothesis is that the students are being confused by the chemical formulas.  I hope to do some reteaching on this before cellular respiration. 


*** Today- I did the reteaching. I had students do a lightning round for the vocab words product, reactant, photosynthesis, and all the formulas.  A lightning round is where I put all the words in a box and them draw them out.  Students have 10 seconds to discuss the word I pulled out and then they have to raise their hands to answer questions.  After that students did a writing to think trying to put in as many of the terms as possible.  Then, we took a quiz.  Students scored between 70% and 95% on all the questions.  

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Photosynthesis: Assessment

Unit 7: Energy in Life: Photosynthesis
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Objective: Students will be able to demonstrate their understanding of photosynthesis

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