Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Food Chains & Food Webs: Assessment - Section 5: Concept Map


I had planned to use this concept map twice during this lesson bundle.  Once on the pre-requisite day, and once on the assessment day.  Now that I'm doing it, this almost seems like too much.

Today, one of the students commented that we had already talked about this map.  I was thrilled that they had remembered but anxious that they said that in front of my evaluator!  I'm wondering if only doing the maps on the last day is the best...or maybe I do the thinking on the first day and then the kids get up and do the thinking on the last day.  I'll have to experiment to see where the balance between making the connections real for kids is and where it's just making it boring!

  Timing in the unit
  Adjustments to Practice: Timing in the Unit
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Food Chains & Food Webs: Assessment

Unit 6: Energy in Life: Food Chains & Food Webs
Lesson 7 of 7

Objective: Students will be able to demonstrate their understanding of food chains, food webs, and food pyramids.

Big Idea: Show what you know.

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