Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Photosynthesis: Pre-Requisite - Section 5: Vocabulary Activity


I'm still really happy with this protocol.  Students were starting to slack off a little and take conversations easy rather than really putting themselves into it.  Today, I started the activity by writing an anchor chart for the protocol that had the sentence starters on it.  This scaffold is working really well for my students right now in other ways and I thought it would transfer.  I also reemphasized the purpose and how much better it is to get to examine the words TOGETHER rather than just individually look them up.  The discussions today were the best they have been all year.  It proves that opening up your thinking to the kids and letting them know WHY you are doing one structure over another is really important to the buy in to students.

  Vocabulary Reflection
  Adjustments to Practice: Vocabulary Reflection
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Photosynthesis: Pre-Requisite

Unit 7: Energy in Life: Photosynthesis
Lesson 2 of 7

Objective: Students will be able to learn and understand foundation concepts and vocab of photosynthesis.

Big Idea: Photosynthesis is an important part of a food chain.

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