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I started this lesson by reviewing three important things.  One, I wanted students to remember our class working definition of "energy."  Second and thirdly I also wanted students to know and remember that there are two types of energy. All energy is either potential energy or kinetic energy.  Since energy can be a difficult concept for fourth grade students to understand and work with, starting off with this review was a deliberate and conscious choice on my part.  Abstract concepts and ideas can be difficult for nine and ten year olds to think about, so the more review I can build into my lessons, along with real world and hands on activities, the better off my students will be. Reviewing the definition and the two types of energy will be something I do throughout this unit. 

  Reviewing prior knoweldge
  Pacing: Reviewing prior knoweldge
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Balloon Rockets Launch New Learning

Unit 1: Speed and Energy
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Objective: SWBAT observe how speed and energy are related.

Big Idea: In this inquiry based lesson, students work with partners to build rockets with balloons, string, and straws. Students work with altering variables in order to observe how energy and speed are related.

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Science, Energy (Physical Science), speed (Motion), speed, Rockets, Balloons
  45 minutes
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