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I assumed that my students were ready to write a summary paragraph because we had been writing a lot this year already. Unfortunately, most of our writing has been in narrative and journal form, not structured paragraphs and not about a new concept. 

Some of my students struggled with how to summarize the article, others wrote much more than was needed, and others copied phrases right out of the article. This of course forced me to go back and re-teach a few of the aspects of summary writing, such as paraphrasing, writing a good topic sentence (NOT "Let me tell you about solar eclipses") and having good transitions. 

After going back and re-teaching those components, the final paragraphs turned out much better. 

Here are some examples of the topic sentence changes that were made: Topic sentence from rough draft and Topic sentence from final draft. This student started with "This is a paragraph about the solar eclipse" to "Do you know about the solar eclipse?". The other student example was one of my favorites. Here's the second student's topic sentence rough  and the second student's topic sentence final draft. He went from writing "So the different types of solar eclipses are annular, partial and solar" to "A solar eclipse is an amazing and unique occurence." I was impressed by this sentence. 

When we went back to talk about topic sentences, I told the students that they want to get a reader's attention by making it interesting and to have the reader want to read more. We talked about the different types of topic sentences and I tell them to use the Writing Rubric as a reminder to write a strong sentence.

  Essay Writing: Made an assumption.
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Solar Eclipse- Part 2

Unit 2: The Sun and Earth Connection
Lesson 10 of 16

Objective: Students will be able to explain what a solar eclipse is with a drawing and a written paragraph.

Big Idea: We will continue to learn about what happens during a solar eclipse as well as learn more about the different types of solar eclipses.

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