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For my learners, it is crucial in three areas to prep the lab the day before.  First, students need to think through and visually observe any new lab techniques.  My learners will not read the procedure ahead of time without a structured pre-lab portion. 

The second reason to prep ahead of time is simple lab safety.  My students tend to fear what they do not know.  When they don't know what to do in lab, rather than work through it, they become paralyzed and stop working.  By prepping the previous day, we cover disposal techniques, and highlight safety concerns and proper dress.

The final reason I prep the day before is time.  My students tend to work slowly in lab, partially due to fear of making a mistake, partially due to lack of individual prep.  By prepping the day before, we are able to come in and get started right away.  While a lab like this can be completed during a later period, it should be able to be done easily in one 50-minute period.

I explored some improvements on prepping this lab with my literacy coach.  Below are some of our findings.


  Preparing for Lab
  Routines and Procedures: Preparing for Lab
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Elemental Behavior

Unit 2: Periodic Trends and Bonding
Lesson 6 of 13

Objective: SWBAT recognize properties endemic to metals and nonmetals, and explain their reactivity based on electron behavior.

Big Idea: Applying the octet rule of electron organization to explain the properties of metals and nonmetals.

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Science, Chemistry, Bohr Model, electrons (Bonding), periodic table, bonding
  50 minutes
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