Reflection: Student Led Inquiry Estuary Field Research Water Testing "Presearch" (2 of 3) - Section 5: FIELD RESEARCH PROCESSES LAB: Testing stations deep dive


I will very carefully introduce this activity by using language like "play around with this equipment," "it's okay if you are not sure what to do--your team is building expertise," and "you are field scientists and this means that you need to rely on each other to make informed choices if there is not a supervisor around."  My hope is that this framework will push my students to try to understand the processes they will use in the field without constantly seeking my validation. I will also tell my students about my own field research experiences and how common it is for new research scientists to make mistakes in the field.

  Scaffolding independent field research behaviors
  Student Led Inquiry: Scaffolding independent field research behaviors
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Estuary Field Research Water Testing "Presearch" (2 of 3)

Unit 2: Citizen science, Student design
Lesson 12 of 13

Objective: Students will be able to 1) practice field testing procedures in a classroom environment and 2)) identify highly important field research behaviors.

Big Idea: Citizen science projects along the Hudson river contribute to a fuller understanding of the health the estuary system. How does data collection help scientists and designers in develop a more complete picture of the needs of the Hudson-Raritan Estuary?

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Science, Statistics, field work, Community Mapping, engineering design thinking
  55 minutes
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