Reflection: Continuous Assessment Researching Fossils - Section 2: X Marks the Sport


As I roved the classroom during this section of work, students were varied at where they were in the investigation. Some were still researching and writing about their chosen fossil while others were busy trying to make heads or tails of the fossil chart from Wisconsin. I could see that I needed to stop and review our identifying text features strategies. I continually assess students during a time of research and reading so that I am certain that they are able to use the materials and fluently read them. This strengthens their non fiction text reading and this support gives them the confidence they need to be independent.

  Continuous Assessment: Observe, Stop, Review
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Researching Fossils

Unit 2: Fossils
Lesson 6 of 10

Objective: SWBAT learn about how fossils show changes of the earth through researching a website.

Big Idea: Students use the Website "Fossils for Kids" to find out some fantastic facts about how fossils tell us that the earth has changed.

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Science, Using online resources, interpretting data, non fiction reading strategies, fossils
  70 minutes
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