Reflection: High Expectations Tensions, Pulleys, & Elevators - Oh My! - Section 3: Paired Reading Activity


As an overly organized teacher and someone who likes to maintain relatively strict control of my classroom, paired reading forces me to step outside of my comfort zone. I tend to prefer giving students notes via a PowerPoint so that I can control what they write and what they are responsible for knowing. However, not every student learns best this way so it's for the student's benefit that I vary how new information is presented.

This paired reading activity is one of my favorite ways to encourage students to take ownership of their learning. Some of my students don't like the expectation that they take responsibility, but holding them accountable makes the material so much more meaningful. I stay true to the rigor of the course and student ownership of concepts, and that sometimes means students prefer to move down to a lower level of physics. While I always encourage my students to stay and work to their potential, I refuse to compromise the integrity of the course.

  Paired Reading vs. Direct Instruction
  High Expectations: Paired Reading vs. Direct Instruction
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Tensions, Pulleys, & Elevators - Oh My!

Unit 3: Newton's Laws
Lesson 9 of 16

Objective: Students will apply their knowledge of Newton's Second Law when calculating tensions in pulley and elevator systems.

Big Idea: Students stretch, pull, and lift their way into the world of forces!

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