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More often than not this experiment throws a curveball at me. In this case, the egg placed in the distilled water lost weight (about 1 gram), while the egg placed in the salt water actually gained 4 grams. Even with results as surprising as these, I continue to do the lab every year because it provides opportunities for students to attempt to make sense of the results (SP6 Constructing Explanations and Designing Solutions) and engage them in further inquiry (SP1 Asking Questions and Defining Problems).

What a wonderful thing to hear students stating, "I wonder what it will look like tomorrow."

  Flexibility: When the experiment does not cooperate...
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In and Out of Cells Day 2

Unit 4: Cell Processess
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Objective: Students will be able to explain how solutes and other materials move across membranes.

Big Idea: What goes in, must come out.

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Science, diffusion, Osmosis, ACE
  45 minutes
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