Reflection: Flexibility Native American Research Project: Ready, Set, Research! (Lesson 3 of 8) - Section 3: Research and Take Notes


When I first tried this part of the lesson out, I noticed that I had students choosing a topic to research before previewing their materials.  We quickly learned that wouldn't work.  Sometimes our resources didn't allow for a particular tribe's topic.  I found that having the students browse materials, raise their hand, and have the teacher check, they were then set up for success with enough materials to support their research.

  Choosing a Topic
  Flexibility: Choosing a Topic
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Native American Research Project: Ready, Set, Research! (Lesson 3 of 8)

Unit 1: Generational Stories, Favorites that are Retold, and Native American Unit
Lesson 3 of 13

Objective: SWBAT read informational text, take and share brief notes within small groups, and sort them into provided categories.

Big Idea: Hello fellow teachers! Your tribe is ready to dig into informational Native American texts, read, take notes, and collaborate with others.

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English / Language Arts, Writing, Reading, native peoples, research report, research (Writing Process), Collaboration Strategies, Literature, Comprehension (Reading), Nonfiction (Reading), research, informational text, note taking, notes, categories, Native American, American, tribe, Native, multicultural, project, culture
  60 minutes
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