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I make every effort to get students to engage in self-talk.  My goal is to equip them with the vocabulary necessary to discuss science in an intelligent manner.  When this is accomplished, it makes sharing our findings easy.  However, this is a slow process at times.  It has a lot to do with the language skills that students bring to school with them.  As our year progresses, students vocabularies are improving but it is the confidence to use this new vocabulary that is lacking.  This is why self-talk is necessary.  I need the students to believe that they are scientists who are entitled to talk about their experiences using this new vocabulary.  Sometimes they are comfortable speaking and sometimes they are reluctant.

  Sharing Takes Courage
  Self-Talk: Sharing Takes Courage
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Sharing My Findings

Unit 1: What is science?
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Objective: Students will learn to share scientific information like a scientist through: oral presentations, charts, pictograph or bar graphs, labeled diagrams, drawings, or age-appropriate writing.

Big Idea: Scientists share their ideas and discoveries with others.

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