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My students are always excited about "doing science."  They like to discuss our investigations but are a little camera shy.  This student was apprehensive at first and simply provide an "I do not know answer."  A little probing allows him to freely talk about his prior experiences with Rollie-polys.  In fact, he wants to share that experience over and over with me.


It is also interesting that most of my students have no prior experience with science.  This kindergarten year, my students are accumulating many experiences to draw upon for next year.  It is a joy to see them desire to conduct science investigations at a moments notice or during an extended period.

  The Joy of Learning
  Checks for Understanding: The Joy of Learning
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Making Observations

Unit 1: What is science?
Lesson 4 of 8

Objective: Students will make valid observations and record their findings .

Big Idea: Scientific study and research is based on observations .

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