Reflection: Estimation in Subtraction Using Real Life Scenarios - Section 1: "A Mothematics Adventure"


This book is just too fun! It sparked all kinds of conversation about auctions and everyone tried to do their best auctioneer impression. It got us laughing. I also brought up on the Smart Board a local auctioneer website and put up photos from the next scheduled auction. The photos looked a lot like what was being auctioned off in the book. We talked about how they use paddles at most auctions.

This is a great art connection to VanGogh too. We looked up the value of Starry Night online. We talked about how many zeros that place value has and if we think the boy wasn't paid enough for his VanGogh. We also discussed what we would do with all that money and the stuff we bought at the auction. I asked if they thought the items we would auction would go for more than what we paid.

We also talked about Ebay and how that is type of auction. This conversation was great!

  Cute Book!
  Cute Book!
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Estimation in Subtraction Using Real Life Scenarios

Unit 1: Place Value and Multi-Digit Addition & Subtraction
Lesson 2 of 7

Objective: SWBAT estimate subtraction algorithms using prior knowledge through place value understanding and rounding skills.

Big Idea: Students use real life scenarios to practice estimation skills, number sense and critical thinking by using Real Estate Ads and a $5,000,000 budget!

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