Reflection: Data Analysis Unit 2 Assessment - Section 3: Written Assessment and Choice Board


Reflection from Data Analysis: 

I completed the data analysis sheet for both classes, Data Analysis Unit 2 Assessment - Class two blacked out and Data Analysis Unit 2 Assessment - Class one blacked out and found that the scores from the unit 2 assessment were much better than those from the unit 1 assessment which I was pleased to see.  Areas of strength that I noticed were the questions over particles in matter (5-PS1-1), especially question 14 which only 2 students out of both classes missed.  Overall the students also did well on the questions over the properties of matter (5-PS1-3), especially questions 7 and 10 which very few students missed.  

The standard that students had the most difficult time with was over changes in matter (5-PS1-4). One reason I think this was such a difficult standard for them was due to the format of the questions in this section.  Question 2 was a multiple answer question which students tend to struggle with more.  If they leave one correct answer out or choose even one that is not correct, they miss the whole answer.  Question 5 included a comparison chart which required students to look back and fourth at both columns and identify what was wrong.  This is not easy for some students.  Question 13 was a written response question asking students to identify the change and provide evidence from the question to support their answer.  Many students were able to say it was a chemical change but they did not answer the question completely because they left out the evidence to support it.  

One question that was an area of weakness that really surprised me was question 8.  This was asking students how the mass of butter would compare as a solid to that of the butter in a liquid form.  We did this exact same activity in class so students should have something to reflect back on to help them come up with the answer.  Seven students in each class missed this question.  I am not sure if it is due to a lack of understanding that the mass will remain the same, or a lack of understanding on what the balance would look like if the mass stayed the same.  This is something that I will need to reassess through homework or on a Do Now in class so that I have a better understanding of where they weakness is.  

Question number 15 was created as an exemplary question to challenge some of the top performers.  These questions require students to apply what they have learned to a real world situation and explain their reasoning with evidence.  They are higher level questions and it is expected that only a few students will answer this question with the explanation needed to score exemplary.  I had five in one class and four in the other which is about what I expected.   

  Data Analysis: Data Analysis
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Unit 2 Assessment

Unit 2: Matter and Its Interactions
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Objective: SWBAT demonstrate proficiency in all 5-PS1 standards relating to matter.

Big Idea: Students will complete a written assessment, as well as a choice board project to demonstrate their understanding of the standards related to matter.

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