Reflection: Trust and Respect Developing the Family Tree of Quadrilaterals - Section 2: Developing the Family Tree


This Smith & Jones family line of questioning has been really useful in developing an understanding the relationships between rhombuses, rectangles and squares over the years. As with all issues related to student background, it is important to be sensitive to possible issues. I advise that you know something about the family background of the student that you call on, before you ask. I once randomly chose a boy in the class and he responded, "I don't know who my dad is."  I felt absolutely awful and apologized to the boy later. It was a really thoughtless move on my part.  He seemed fine with it, but I will never, ever make that mistake again!

  Taking Care with Respect to Family Issues
  Trust and Respect: Taking Care with Respect to Family Issues
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Developing the Family Tree of Quadrilaterals

Unit 8: Quadrilaterals
Lesson 2 of 5

Objective: Students will be able to understand the relationships between the different types of quadrilaterals.

Big Idea: What does the family tree look like for the quadrilaterals?

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Math, Geometry, parallelogram, trapezoid, quadrilaterals, rectangle, rhombus, square, kite, Isosceles Trapezoid, Family Tree of Quadrilaterals, 10th grade
  45 minutes
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