Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge Introductory Investigation of Quadrilaterals - Section 1: Ensuring Familiarity with the Concepts


In order for this lesson to work properly, it is imperative that the students deeply understand the terms bisect, congruent, perpendicular, and parallel. I have attempted this activity without setting it up first and it was an unqualified disaster. Even though it seemed common sense to me, when I handed the students the diagram of a quadrilateral and asked if, for example, the diagonals were bisected, I was met with nothing but a bunch of blank stares.  I found the students could automatically mark congruent segments or angles on a given diagram, but when asked to actually determine by measuring a diagram if two segments or angles were congruent, it was an entirely different story and a lot of students struggled. 

Taking 10 minutes for a Warm Up task to ensure understanding can make the difference between success and complete failure!

  Deep Prior Knowledge Required!
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Deep Prior Knowledge Required!
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Introductory Investigation of Quadrilaterals

Unit 8: Quadrilaterals
Lesson 1 of 5

Objective: Students will be able to investigate the specific features of the different quadrilaterals.

Big Idea: Students familiarize themselves with quadrilaterals by using a ruler and protractor to investigate the characteristics that define each polygon.

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Math, Geometry, quadrilaterals, parallelogram, rectangle, rhombus, square, trapezoid, kite, Isosceles Trapezoid, 10th grade
  45 minutes
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