Reflection: ELL Students Sticking Together with Toothpaste Words - Section 4: Toothpaste Words


When we are discussing some of the groups become stuck with what else to write. Sometimes the example is not enough for students. I try to start and gauge a discussion by the responses I initially receive. When only a few are actively engaged, I know its time revisit the example and discussion question. However, it did not seem to work the way I presented the question the first time. The tricky part comes when having to give another example, but in different way. The new example might be enough and another trick I try is acting like the student and carrying out the desired response for them to see. 

  Stuck Students
  ELL Students: Stuck Students
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Sticking Together with Toothpaste Words

Unit 1: Opening Science
Lesson 5 of 7

Objective: SWBAT to collaborate and then analyze the team work to determine key words that help us work together.

Big Idea: Teams of students will take on an experimental task that challenges them to work together. The task becomes harder and students will use their experiences to establish words to describe what they need to do to be a good team member.

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