Reflection: Joy Native American Research Project: Feature Detectives & Book-Arounds! (Lesson 2 of 8) - Section 4: The Detectives Hunt for Features and Preview Their Research Materials


This particular book-around gave my students an opportunity to preview their Native American research materials.  The students really enjoyed it and couldn't wait to get another book passed to them.  My students had completed book-arounds before, so they were familiar with the process.  I'll do other book arounds when I feel I need to promote good books that aren't getting checked out from our classroom library, or introduce a new thematic unit.  

  Joy: Book-Around
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Native American Research Project: Feature Detectives & Book-Arounds! (Lesson 2 of 8)

Unit 1: Generational Stories, Favorites that are Retold, and Native American Unit
Lesson 2 of 13

Objective: SWBAT identify various informational text features and their importance in a variety of texts.

Big Idea: Your tribe is becoming detectives today! Non-fiction text feature detectives, that is! Lead your students in a lesson about text features including a detective hunt with music, and a book-around to prepare them for success with their upcoming research.

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English / Language Arts, information material, Nonfiction (Reading), Reading, Nonfiction Literature, Literature, research materials, heading, Comprehension (Reading), Writing, text features, informational text, Native American, chart, index, table of contents, glossary, diagram, definition, photograph, caption, illustration, key word, multicultural, Label, title page, text box, map
  50 minutes
nonfiction text feature detectives
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