Reflection: Lesson Planning Sticking Together with Toothpaste Words - Section 1: First Experiments! First Expectations!


Within every experiment I ask myself what are the most reasonable expectations I can ask from my students. For example, if we are working with water, I am prepared for the spill because it most likely will happen. In this lesson, we are going to use toothpaste. I am expecting that we will have messy hands and someone will get it off the plate. They will also use toothpicks. Someone could get poked, but I know that if I set the students see modeling of how to prevent it, I can help make it less likely. I believe that if I am prepared for the mess, or other scenarios it makes the lesson more enjoyable for me. I am ready, and if do not set the bar too high, the events that might occur ill not be a shock that makes the situation come across as negative. I do a better job of making the situation a teaching moment. 

  Reasonable Expectations
  Lesson Planning: Reasonable Expectations
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Sticking Together with Toothpaste Words

Unit 1: Opening Science
Lesson 5 of 7

Objective: SWBAT to collaborate and then analyze the team work to determine key words that help us work together.

Big Idea: Teams of students will take on an experimental task that challenges them to work together. The task becomes harder and students will use their experiences to establish words to describe what they need to do to be a good team member.

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