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Using a prompt like this at the end of lesson helps students transfer meaning from small ideas that explain specific phenomena to bigger “systems” thinking that can applied to a variety a learning experiences. Having them recap the day’s lesson and apply it to their everyday life builds a bridge of understanding. Our goal as science teachers should be to help students arrive at ideas that are “context-independent”, in other words heat transfer by conduction from the hot water to the cold washer can be used for all matter where heat transfers by contact of molecules moving from hotter to cooler. When we ask students to make this jump to quickly, they may not build these connection and lose this link to the world around them. 

  Transfer knowledge to the world around you
  Rigor: Transfer knowledge to the world around you
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Exploring Heat Transfer: Conduction

Unit 1: Heat Transfer and Interactions of Matter
Lesson 5 of 11

Objective: SWABAT explain how model of heat transfer by conduction involves the collision of molecules.

Big Idea: This lessons uses a simple model activate student ideas on heat transfer by way of conduction.

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Science, Matter and its Properties, meteorology, Heat Flow, conduction, thermodynamics
  105 minutes
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