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As I met with the small groups at their desks,  I noticed that many of the students had not completed the synonyms portion of the modified Frayer Model. I decided to have the students revisit the Model and their notes, for homework. They filled in anything they didn't complete in class and I am so glad I assigned this as homework! The next day, the synonyms they chose to explain the phenomena and their updated pictures were great. I saw that by revisiting the lesson information for homework, the students we able to demonstrate a deeper understanding of the content.

  Homework helps my students revisit the content.
  Flexibility: Homework helps my students revisit the content.
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Reptiles, Time For A New Outfit

Unit 8: Vertebrate Classification
Lesson 2 of 6

Objective: Describe and Identify the characteristics of reptiles. Analyze how a snake sheds its skin by using models to explain the process.

Big Idea: Scientist develop models in order to explain phenomena

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Science, Vertebrate Systems, amphibians, reptiles, reptiles vs. amphibians
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