Reflection: Trust and Respect Pollution In Our Town - Section 4: Defending Our Ideas


In this lesson I had set up a situation where students were judging a series of questions that they had written to find 6 that would help us find out if adults think that there is pollution in our town. I read each question and let students vote with thumbs while their eyes were closed about how well the questions would help us answer our own question. After the vote and narrowing it down to 8 questions, I asked students to tell why a question might help us or not help us. I cautioned students about saying mean things.

I was so pleased at how well the students respected each other as they talked about the questions. They felt safe enough in the group to be able to say that is a good or bad question because.. 

It is important to create a climate where students feel safe to say things honestly. By setting boundaries of what is appropriate, by reminding students to be respectful and by showing respect to them, students develop a sense of security in their own classroom.

  Reviewing and Choosing Questions
  Trust and Respect: Reviewing and Choosing Questions
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Pollution In Our Town

Unit 2: Engineers are Scientists Too
Lesson 3 of 8

Objective: SWBAT create and conduct a survey about pollution in our community

Big Idea: Is there a problem with pollution in our town? How can we identify what that problem is?

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Science, survey, defending an argument
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