Reflection: Diverse Entry Points Two Methods of Metric Conversions - Section 3: Metric Practice


While students were interacting with the video notes, they were at various locations in the classroom. Some sat on top of tables, some stood at whiteboards at the front and on the left wall of my classroom, while others chose to remain at their lab stations. It may seem disorderly, to some, but I want students to feel free to interact with content in a manner that makes it meaningful to them. With this in mind, I demoed a question with student input to create annotations and gave them the chance to discuss and assess each other's understanding of both ways to convert metric units. 

  Independent Work Stations
  Diverse Entry Points: Independent Work Stations
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Two Methods of Metric Conversions

Unit 1: Building Your Base
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Objective: Students will be able to use their understanding of metric conversions to correctly create solutions to questions related to basic physical quantities.

Big Idea: Metric conversions are convenient because they use powers of ten.

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Science, Physical Science, metric system (Science Skills), physics, dimensional analysis, distance, displacement, Archimedes' Principle
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