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I give students a chance to evaluate their own performance. I want them to know that the effort they put into something is important so I give them different types of opportunities to self evaluate. In this lesson I ask them to evaluate the effort they put in.

I am always impressed with how well they assess their own performance. Students could just say, "Yes, I did my best," but they are honest. They know if they worked at the project, or just did it to get it done. Their own awareness of how hard they worked is a first step towards helping them towards putting in the extra effort to do their best.

Several students rated themselves with a straight face or a frown face saying that they knew that they didn't put too much effort into their paper. It gives me an insight into who I may need to work with to help them understand the importance of trying their hardest with their work.

  The Purpose of Self Reflection
  Student Self-Assessment: The Purpose of Self Reflection
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What Is Engineering

Unit 2: Engineers are Scientists Too
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Objective: SWBAT identify how engineers help solve problems.

Big Idea: Ever say, why didn't I think of that when some simple invention solves a problem such as a pencil that always needs sharpening replaced by a mechanical pencil?

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