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This is quite a complex task, so I decided to teach this lesson when I had help. I have a student teacher and an assistant in the room to help the children. My students are familiar with using computer websites, but creating a presentation is a new thing. So, I know they will need extra help as they create their slide from their notes: student work.

Some particular issues I found are that the students need to make sure the font is a color that is visible and large enough. In addition, I found that adding my own synonyms for words they were using allowed the students exposure to new vocabulary, but when they went to present they forgot what the word "violent" meant and how to read it. So, adding hard words is not a good idea, since the students need to be able to reflect upon their slide as they present. I was surprised that no child read from their slide, but they did hit on all the point. It might be helpful to remind students to not read straight from their slide as they share the problem.

The other thing I noticed is that the standard is about finding a problem that affects humans. So, it does not have to be a problem caused by animals. The solution does have to mimic the external features of an animal to connect to 1-LS1-1, but I am planning to do my next lesson on developing a solution. The students create a second slide with their solution.

  Complex Tasks: Student Work
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Research a Problem of Your Choice

Unit 3: Create a Solution to a Human Problem Caused by Animals
Lesson 5 of 6

Objective: SWBAT find a problem and design a solution to the problem by mimicking how animals use their external parts to survive.

Big Idea: Excite students by letting them research and select the problem animals are causing, and help the create a solution.

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