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Students have a great wealth of knowledge, so asking their thoughts gives myself and other students new ideas.

I asked "What are some ways you can display information on your project board? What important information should be included?

Here is what they said:

  • use a graph to display information such as: how much fertilizer do people use each year at their house
  • type your evidence, glue it to the board and use arrows which point to the claim/argument
  • use words we learned from this unit in your evidence
  • create a graph to show weather data from when we were at the pond
  • add clip art to make it look "fancy"
  • type your before and after thoughts about how to answer the essential question
  • write an explanation of how and why we did the pond study
  • use fun colored paper and "pond" stickers
  • create an interesting title

Students surprise me everyday. They have new ideas. They are creative. They are enthusiastic!

  Student Ideas For The Project
  Problem-based Approaches: Student Ideas For The Project
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Creating A Display Board

Unit 3: Pond Study: Preparing for the Science Fair
Lesson 8 of 9

Objective: SWBAT create a display board to exhibit information.

Big Idea: Let's wrap up a problem-based learning experience. Students create a display board to show their evidence, data, claim and argument while answering an essential question.

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Science, Data Use and Analysis, life science, Problem Based Learning, Pond Study, project display board, evidence, argument, science fair
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