Reflection: Trust and Respect Debate: What time should school start - Section 2: The Seminar


In order for a Socratic Seminar to run smoothly, students have to trust their teacher and each other. Sometimes, I conduct Seminars three-four times before I can call one a success.  Today was no exception.  In one class, students sat in silence for 3:32 before a student spoke and after that there were additional moments of silence.  While that is frustrating to me and the students, it is okay this early in the year.  They are feeling each other out and testing the process.  I realized with that particular group that I need to diversify the two groups and made notes so next time it runs more successfully. 

  Socratic Seminar Takes Practice
  Trust and Respect: Socratic Seminar Takes Practice
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Debate: What time should school start

Unit 1: Setting the tone for a great year
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Objective: SWBAT Come to a discussion prepared and draw on that preparation by referring to evidence from texts by participating in a Socratic Seminar.

Big Idea: When students participate in effective discussions, their thinking deepens.

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