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Please see the resources I have included for this reflection.  One image is the original set up that I had for Individual Think Time Seats that doubled as Pair Up Time seats.  You will notice that I had the desk and tables set for cooperative grouping.  I assigned seats on the first day according to gender.  I wanted a equal amount of girls and boys at each table.  This was really because I needed to get to know who were the thinkers, talkers, doers, and do nothings.  This reflection is really after several weeks into the school year, however my thinking started on the day of this lesson to change how the seats were arranged.  After today's lesson, I noticed that in time this set up could become a social nightmare.  I noticed the students love to have mathematical discussions, however the second there is transition time, a call has come through, a visitor pops in at my door, many students begin to chatter about things other than math.  I wanted to create an environment that during I.T.T students can be separated from their peers to get the true individual think time needed, but also a seating arrangement that can transition to P.U.T quickly.  The new set up is more individualized but with the flip of a chair they are able to be in P.U.T quickly.  Changing the set up as diverted from unnecessary conversation, as well as monitoring when students practice MP 3 before grappling with the problems on their own. Eventually once the classroom culture is established 100% I will want students to seek out their peers without me having to give them a specific time to do so.  Until then, I want to be sure the culture is being built with expectations and true understanding of the practices.   

  Organizational Systems: A revelation into I.T.T and P.U.T seating.
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Mile High!

Unit 1: Introduction to Mathematical Investigations
Lesson 4 of 6

Objective: SWBAT engage in mathematical practices to help solve a task based review problem.

Big Idea: Let’s see how well students can identify the mathematical practices while solving a 3 part task based problem from illustrative mathematics.

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