Reflection: Continuous Assessment Verte What? Vertebrates! - Section 5: Class Discussion/Warm up


Sharing their work through the Popplet App made a huge difference in the level of engagement. The students loved sharing what they learned and working cooperatively in their groups. Had I just asked them to make a list of the characteristics it would not have been as powerful.

  Sharing what we learned through technology rocked!
  Continuous Assessment: Sharing what we learned through technology rocked!
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Verte What? Vertebrates!

Unit 3: Vertebrates
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Objective: SWBAT: Classify vertebrates by citing evidence that validates the specific vertebrate classification. Create a popplet using the app that will identify 2 animals in the classification and where they can be found geographically.

Big Idea: Though all animals with a backbone are classified as vertebrates, they are further classified into 5 groups because different organisms vary in how they look and function since they have different inherited information.

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