Reflection: Modeling Spaceship Earth: Concept evolution (5 of 5) - Section 2: What does it mean to be accountable for speech?


I purposefully choose a clip of very young children because I have found that students are less resistant to this modeling of appropriate accountable talk excuses.  I have shown clips of accountable talk at the high school level, but I often hear remarks that the students I have shown only talk that way because of their race, class, type of school, or strict teachers.  This just does not seem to happen with the clip of the young children.  

Here is an example that might be used with Spanish speaking English Language Learners:

  Remembering how to talk + an ELL example
  Modeling: Remembering how to talk + an ELL example
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Spaceship Earth: Concept evolution (5 of 5)

Unit 2: Citizen science, Student design
Lesson 7 of 13

Objective: Students will be able to: 1) describe the essential features of accountable talk; 2) defend a verbal claim using evidence; 3) connect takeaways from an accountable talk discussion to potential environmental stewardship management solutions

Big Idea: Human ingenuity has negatively affected the natural environment. How might we use human ingenuity to develop solutions to the problems that we have caused?

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Science, Statistics, field work, Community Mapping, engineering design thinking
  55 minutes
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