Reflection: Student Self-Assessment Manufacturing a Board Game, Day 3 Assessment - Section 4: Sharing and Closing


The clip in this section shows a beautiful example of how a safe and engaged classroom can work. The students are comfortable, and because of this they welcome comments and revision ideas from each other.

Real-world, engaging activities like this create an urgent reason for learning because students are eager to create a final product that displays their knowledge. In this way, students internalize the importance of revision and communication of scientific ideas.

Any time we can facilitate natural communication about revision and scientific accuracy, it serves the students well.  They will feel confident with their natural science inclinations and will want to strive for accuracy of information.


  Assessing Peers
  Student Self-Assessment: Assessing Peers
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Manufacturing a Board Game, Day 3 Assessment

Unit 2: Structures of Life: Seeds
Lesson 13 of 13

Objective: Students will be able to assess the accuracy of scientific information.

Big Idea: In the final, key stage of this 3 day assessment, students will play each others’ games from the viewpoint of a reviewer of information.

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Science, plants, life cycle, seeds, scientific practices
  50 minutes
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