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One of the Science and Engineering Practices is to develop models and compare the models to the actual object.  In my classroom, I have a science center.  I have posted some pictures on Pinterest and on my blog, so search for First Grade classroom science center there!  I originally planned to have modeling clay or dough (like play-doh) and shredded paper in the science center for students to make a model of a birds nest, using the dough to simulate mud.

On the day following this lesson, though, we had some extra "indoor recess" time.  I asked students, "Why do scientists make models?"  They had lots of answers, including to teach people things and because sometimes we can't have the real object in the classroom.

I showed students how to use shredded paper as the twigs and grass, and modeling clay as the mud, in order to make a model of a robins' nest.  Here are some of our finished nests!  

Models of a robin's nest and More model robins' nests

Not only was this project fun (in a messy, first grade way!), but it was quite creative as students began using extra clay to add eggs or model birds!

  Intervention and Extension: Science & Engineering Practices ~ Making Models
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Nests~ Sticks and Stones

Unit 2: Birds of a Feather Flock Together
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Objective: SWBAT determine how birds help their offspring survive by building strong nests.

Big Idea: Empty nest syndrome? "Nesting" in your new home? Maybe we have more in common with birds than you think! Let's build a nest together.

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