Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge Nests~ Sticks and Stones - Section 2: Take-off (Warm-up)


Earlier in this unit, students wrote their schema on sticky notes and put them right up onto the KLEWS chart.  Today, my original plan was to have students turn-and-talk, and then share their schema.  But, it struck me that maybe students should decide!  So, my students took a vote and decided that they wanted to write their prior knowledge on sticky notes, rather than turn-and-talk.  Here's the background on the sticky note strategy:

Activating Prior Knowledge

Then, once we had a thousand sticky notes (well, 30 or so), it was time to categorize them.  

Sorting sticky notes

While either strategy is effective for accessing prior knowledge, I am glad that students chose sticky notes.  The sticky note process really let me see that most students knew parents must feed the offspring, but only one student wrote about protecting offspring.  This exercise helped me see trends in knowledge, instead of a bullet list we would have generated from turn-and-talk.

  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Students writing prior knowledge
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Nests~ Sticks and Stones

Unit 2: Birds of a Feather Flock Together
Lesson 11 of 16

Objective: SWBAT determine how birds help their offspring survive by building strong nests.

Big Idea: Empty nest syndrome? "Nesting" in your new home? Maybe we have more in common with birds than you think! Let's build a nest together.

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