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After taking the kids outside for the exploration, I realized that I did not set up our expectations for this learning experience. We were somewhat rushed as we needed to get outside to be able to view the eclipse. Several students started to wander around our outdoor learning area while others were not participating. In looking back, I should have talked to the students about what my expectations were for the exploration by setting up a "CHAMPS". Our school district has adopted the Safe and Civil Schools classroom management strategy of CHAMPS. This represents an acronym that helps teachers create expectations for students with C representing "Conversation", H representing "Help", A stands for "Activity", M is for "Movement", P is for "Participation" and S stands for "Success". I set up these expectations for almost every activity we do in class so this is a good reminder to also set this up for our outdoor learning time too.



  Taking kids outside for learning experiences
  Shared Expectations: Taking kids outside for learning experiences
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Solar Eclipse- Part 1

Unit 2: The Sun and Earth Connection
Lesson 9 of 16

Objective: SWBAT understand what a solar eclipse is and how one occurs.

Big Idea: By creating and using pinhole viewers, students will get an opportunity to observe a partial solar eclipse while it is happening.

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partial solar eclipse
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