Reflection: Developing a Conceptual Understanding Spaceship Earth: Concept application (2 of 5) - Section 3: Tragedy of the commons: Opposing views


Common Core Learning Standards emphasize speaking, writing, reading, and listening.  While I recognize the importance of these skills, I often find that alternate expression of early conceptual understandings are helpful for students that may intuitively understand a concept, but have difficult expressing that understanding.  For many students, an option to act out a nascent conceptual understanding provides an element of fun that can feel safer than the usual written or spoken response.

  Experimental assessment methods
  Developing a Conceptual Understanding: Experimental assessment methods
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Spaceship Earth: Concept application (2 of 5)

Unit 2: Citizen science, Student design
Lesson 4 of 13

Objective: Student will be able to: 1) identify the distribution of resource use around the world; 2) articulate the essential idea of the tragedy of the commons; 3) apply the tragedy of the commons to the design of resource management strategies; and 4) critically evaluate the presentation of the tragedy of the commons in an educational video game product

Big Idea: In 1968 Buckminster Fuller described science as a "world-engulfing industrial evolution." How might conceptual familiarity with the tragedy of the commons enable us to better understand management needs of Spaceship Earth?

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Science, Statistics, field work, Community Mapping, engineering design thinking
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