Reflection: Coherence Micro-Structures of Animals - What's In A Cell? - Section 2: Guided Instruction


Overall this lesson is a fairly short one. However, I choose not to do a different activity after the cell structure naming as it can become overwhelming. It is better to have this as a short lesson and do hands-on activities that start the next day.

In order to keep the lesson pace going, I may not wait for all student to be done writing notes, but I give them time to at least start. I provide a copy of the PowerPoint for students to use to complete the flap book during work time later in the day.

  Coherence: Pacing
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Micro-Structures of Animals - What's In A Cell?

Unit 2: Animals Are Structures Too
Lesson 7 of 10

Objective: Students will understand what a cell is and what its structures and functions are.

Big Idea: This lesson is designed to give students a basic understanding of the cell, its structure, and function.

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Science, Cells and Cellular Processes, diffusion, Foldables, Osmosis, structures, scientific drawing, animal, bone, cell
  43 minutes
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