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Wow.  A video game should always teach my classes!  This was an eye-opening experience with an experimental teacher move.  Students were deeply engaged in this experience and developed a sophisticated understanding of Earth as a closed system in which cause and effect are often manipulated by humans. 

Another benefit of this game is that it requires students to engage in argumentation from evidence in order to win.  My English Language Learners were able to develop a better understanding of the concept of Spaceship Earth while also practicing communication skills.

  Rigorous conceptual understanding deriving from students' intrinsic motivation
  Rigor: Rigorous conceptual understanding deriving from students' intrinsic motivation
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Spaceship Earth: Concept exploration (3 of 5)

Unit 2: Citizen science, Student design
Lesson 5 of 13

Objective: Students will be able to: 1) compare and contrast video game learning with more traditional classroom experiences; 2) develop deep content knowledge through immersion in a virtual "Spaceship Earth"; 3) develop scientific claims using appropriate evidence; and 4) use engineering design thinking to iterate on an educational video game prototype.

Big Idea: Gamification is an increasingly central aspect of students' lives. How might we use video games to extend our understanding of the need to manage our planet as though we are on a spaceship flight?

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Science, Statistics, field work, Community Mapping, engineering design thinking
  55 minutes
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