Reflection: Students with Disabilities Rivers and Watershed - Section 4: Watershed Wrap Up


For my students with special needs they were able to completely participate in the outdoor activity. They have a good understanding of what a watershed is and I make sure to visit these students while the others write in their notebooks. I ask these students if they can draw a picture to describe a watershed and be able to explain to me after they draw it. I let them draw a picture and then meet with each one to determine their understanding. I can add notes faster to their note books for important details that might have missed. I ask if i can help them by adding some notes and we write them together. 

  Students with Disabilities: Pictures for Words
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Rivers and Watershed

Unit 4: Water and Weathering
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Objective: SWBAT describe and demonstrate the movement of water through a watershed and then compare it to the river.

Big Idea: Watersheds are vital component to understanding Earth's systems. In our town, we are very dependent on the watershed and cities like Phoenix are too. Students get to explore their importance and what their role is.

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Science, watershed, Motion, water table, ocean, weathering, water systems, molecule, rivers
  45 minutes
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