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At the beginning of the school year I emphasize the importance of science and its far reaching impact.  I tell my students that science is used every day and is a part of their lives whether they are thinking about it or not.  Sometimes we play a game in which the students will select a topic and I  will tell them a scientific concept that is related or how science impacts the object.  The students work diligently to try and stump me. For instance, one topic that comes up regularly is a pencil.  I tell the students that the science involved in making pencils ranges from the creation of synthetic materials out of natural resources and includes the mechanization process of creating the pencil.  I have the students use the note card activity to help them begin to think about the manner in which science permeates their lives.  This helps to build a relevance for the topic as well as an interest in learning new topics in my classroom.

Note card activities like this one take a variety of forms in my classroom throughout the year, but the premise remains the same.  Students work together in small groups during the activity as an accountability measure.  The activity provides the students with a chance to move around a bit and helps to break up lessons while providing practical applications of the lesson material.  Students explore what they already know about a topic and are challenged to expand their thinking.  Note card activities such as this one also help me to identify gaps in knowledge both for individual students and the class as a whole.

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What is Science? - Flipped

Unit 1: Problem Solving
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Objective: SWBAT define terms related to experimental design.

Big Idea: This lesson is the second in a set of flipped notes and it requires students to review information about experimental design as well as vocabulary practice.

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