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Writing can be a real challenge for your students with special needs. To help them be successful I give them a visual of what I am expecting them to write. I do this by writing on the white board the following: 1. cup 2. hydrated or dehydrated 3. what did you learn. These students are also in pairs still with a good working buddy. They can ask for help form their peer at anytime. The last option I have is a special writing area. If a student moves to this area they are signaling to me that they need more help from me than what I have given them. This might be just going back over instructions or helping them to start their writing. If students do not need help anymore, they can move back to their desks or stay their and continue to receive support. 

  Struggling Writers
  Students with Disabilities: Struggling Writers
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Hydration Station

Unit 4: Water and Weathering
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Objective: SWBAT characterize hydration and dehydration while looking at activities that make our bodies lose and take on water.

Big Idea: The dry climate that makes up the mountain and desert regions can have devastating effects on our bodies without proper hydration. Students will look at the importance of hydration to our body's functioning systems.

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Science, Motion, watershed, water table, ocean, weathering, water, Writing Response, hydration, molecule, rivers
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