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I know that moving my class to a new location has some trade offs.  We lose some time in traveling, there's a good chance someone will forget a notebook or pencil, and I expect their behavior to be irregular because of the change in setting.  I decided to bring my students to the school's "science lab" anyway because I could take advantage of a parent's offer to "help out anytime I needed her." I had her cover tables with butcher paper, cut the cantaloupes in half, and get everything passed out.  In the long run, this was worth the trip upstairs because I didn't have to spend any class time preparing or passing out materials.


  Classroom Setup: Using the Science Lab
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Searching for Seeds

Unit 3: Plant Structures
Lesson 1 of 12

Objective: SWBAT explain that a fruit is a plant structure that stores seeds, and that seeds are dormant plants waiting for the right conditions to grow.

Big Idea: How can you identify plant structures used to reproduce?

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Science, plants, Biology / Life Science, estimation (Science Skills), life science, seeds, engineering
  45 minutes
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