Reflection: Intervention and Extension Mysteries of the Ocean, Part Two - Section 2: Read and Match


Students can take the cards and mix them again and this time when students draw, they will take turns collecting cards. The challenge is collecting a creature from each of the zones. The first one to accomplish this wins. For students with special needs, I would make sure to have a model of the zones with depths to help them compare the words on the cards to the depth numbers. 

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Mysteries of the Ocean, Part Two

Unit 4: Water and Weathering
Lesson 6 of 17

Objective: SWBAT recognize and compare characteristics of marine life in the various zones that lie in the ocean.

Big Idea: Students will use ocean life to begin observe, and determine the characteristics that are need for survival in the various zones found in the ocean.

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Science, ocean, Motion, watershed, water table, weathering, Ecosystems, ocean habitats, ocean zones, molecule, rivers
  35 minutes
ocean deep
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