Reflection: Joy Angle Relationships Review and Focus on Justification - Section 4: Text Messaging


One thing I was really happy about was deciding to model the text messaging task with a student in the class.  In each class, I chose a student who I know LOVES to text to ensure that he/she would want to participate in “texting” with me while incorporating their own personality (for example, using emoticons as well as incorporating text language like lol, idk, #mathskillz, etc.).  As students watched us silently text each other, it was amazing to see how engaged they were and how funny they thought it was to do math while expressing their personality. 

When circulating the classroom to observe students’ text messages, I joined in on certain conversations.  Students would sometimes raise their hands to alert me that they had written out a question for me to answer.  Other times, I invited myself into the conversation.  For example, in cases where it did not appear that students had fully justified their work with angle relationships, I would simply write, “how do you know?”  Joining in on their “group chat” also gave me the opportunity to challenge pairs who finished early by asking, “Can you solve this problem with a different approach?”

  Engaging Students with Text Language, Emoticons, and Hashtags
  Joy: Engaging Students with Text Language, Emoticons, and Hashtags
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Angle Relationships Review and Focus on Justification

Unit 4: Discovering and Proving Angle Relationships
Lesson 5 of 6

Objective: Students will be able to justify their reasoning about angle relationships.

Big Idea: By collaborating on the Collective Proof, students will bring individual pieces of reasoning to write their first lengthy proof.

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