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I used this lesson during my writing workshop period today.  I find that using the science information in order to develop writing skills is motivational for students.  The content is rich and exciting, and the work becomes purposeful. 

In my writing workshop, I am teaching the students to write strong sentences and also how to use questions to write topic sentences in their essays.  This is a great beginning for that sequence. 

We all feel overwhelmed with how much needs to be done in a day.  Consider moving some of your science into your language arts blocks…informational writing and reading are natural motivators and perfect for many of the standards.

  Is Science Only Taught During Science?
  Writing Across the Disciplines: Is Science Only Taught During Science?
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Developing Questions to Drive Investigations

Unit 3: Structures of Life: Crayfish
Lesson 3 of 7

Objective: Students will be able to construct questions about crayfish behavior in order to guide their investigations.

Big Idea: Students naturally want to observe and investigate the crayfish. However, organizing this excitement will help promote scientific thinking and communicating.

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Science, questioning strategy, stimuli, writing across the curriculum, developing invstigations, behaviors
  45 minutes
crayfish behavior
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