Reflection: Self-Talk Operations with Matrices (2 of 2) - Section 4: Closure


As I look through the last 2 lesson, I realized at one time I would have done these lessons in one day. But thinking about what the students learned and did over the 2 days shows why I made the lesson into 2 days worth of work.

Through modeling students have a better understanding of multiplication. Some students struggled with multiplying matrices that were not connected to a real world problem. I referred back to how the student determined the number of shoes to help students understand the process.  When the activity was brought back to the students, I would hear them say, Oh yeah now I remember.

The students demonstrated mathematical practices by dividing operations into multiple days. Students had to make sense of the show switching problem for some this was a struggle. Students helped each other understand as the worked in groups.

Students developed a process to think abstractly about multiplying matrices. By determining that order is important when multiplying matrices students noticed how the process of multiplication has a structure that makes order important.


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Operations with Matrices (2 of 2)

Unit 4: Matrices
Lesson 3 of 10

Objective: SWBAT multiply matrices.

Big Idea: How can multiplying matrices be used to analyze data?

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Math, Precalculus and Calculus, modeling, Matrices, Multiplying matrices
  40 minutes
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