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Once again, my students amazed me with the observations that they made during this simple activity and the conclusions that they came to as a result of those observations.  The video in this lesson shows a student trying hard to find the matching material in the bag.  After I shut the camera off, the little boy next to her said, "I know why she can find it.  It is too much like some of the other things in the bag.  It needs to be more the sand paper.  That was easy to touch.  I wonder if their are animals that can do a better job at figuring this out than we can?"

Talk about a wonderful transition to our discussion.  The students are really starting to make connections between the discussion from lesson to lesson.  We have talked about other animals that have very sensitive senses in previous lessons.  Because of the similar structure between the lessons, this student started thinking about the different types of questions asked and the discussions that occurred in our previous lessons and used this as a springboard for his own learning. 

Sometimes lessons that are structured in similar ways might seem boring, but kindergarteners function quite well when there is structure.  This allows cognitive energy to be used for learning, versus trying to figure out what happens next.  The student above used this structure to help him start thinking at a deeper level.  Other students just function better when they know what is happening next.  I challenge teachers to think about the structure that they have in their classroom and with their lessons.  Are your students worried about "what is happening next" or are they able to focus that energy on learning?

  Building on Observations
  Lesson Planning: Building on Observations
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What Do You Feel?-Using Our Sense of Touch

Unit 2: My Five Senses
Lesson 6 of 12

Objective: Students will use their sense of touch to practice observing differences in textures.

Big Idea: This simple activity will allow your students to understand how their sense of touch is an important observational tool.

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Science, inquiry, senses, Sight, Taste, Touch, smell
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