Reflection: ELL Students You Have Great Taste!-Exploring Our Sense of Taste - Section 4: Independent Practice and Informal Assessment


The wonderful thing about teaching science is how my ELL students expand their vocabulary and make important connections between their lives and the learning that happens in our classroom.  If the lesson is structured with enough support, the ELL student can be very successful. 

Often times it is the "words" that get in the way of the learning.  I make sure to include lots of examples and pictures that my students can make connections with so a limited vocabulary doesn't restrict learning.  As you can see from this video, one of my ELL students obviously knows what "sweet" is after our activity and discussion.  When she is on the "sweet" page, she draws a picture of a chocolate chip cookie.  She has made the connection between "sweet" and something she eats.  She may not know the label "chocolate chip cookie", but she knows it is sweet.

As teachers, we need to step back and think about the supports that we have built into lessons to allow our ELL students to be successful.  After planning this lesson, I made a change that I think helped my ELL students succeed.  I was using "cartoon" style pictures in the SmartBoard lesson.  I decided to change those out to real pictures.  Maybe the SmartBoard slides were not as cute as they could have been, but this small change was an important piece for my ELL students to be successful.

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You Have Great Taste!-Exploring Our Sense of Taste

Unit 2: My Five Senses
Lesson 5 of 12

Objective: Students will be able to describe what their sense of taste is and the body structure associated with it by classifying foods by taste.

Big Idea: Observation is such an important part of science work. This lesson helps students better understand what their sense of taste is, preparing them for using it as part of their science observation skills.

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Science, senses, Sight, Taste, Touch, smell
  55 minutes
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