Reflection: Data Analysis Creating Scientific Questions - Section 1: Introduction


When I reviewed students' science notebooks after the Diet Coke and Mentos lab, I saw that more than half of the notebooks I collected did not correctly identify the variable and outcome in the introductory question I gave, as you can see in the student sample.  I thought this would be a review of previously learned material, and provide a pathway into the day's activity, but the data indicated they needed additional practice.  This lesson was added because I saw my student needed additional practice to be successful when analyzing a scientific question.

  When My Example Isn't Clear
  Data Analysis: When My Example Isn't Clear
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Creating Scientific Questions

Unit 1: Building a Classroom
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Objective: SWBAT identify variables and outcomes, and create a scientifically testable question in the form of "How does (the variable) affect (the outcome) given a variety of scenarios.

Big Idea: How can you create a scientific question?

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