Reflection: Accountability Uniform Acceleration Calculations, Day #1 - Section 4: Rally Coach Activity


As seen in the student examples, my classes had some successful attempts (Rally Coach Acceleration Good Student Example) and some non-successful attempts (Rally Coach Acceleration Poor Example). I found that as I was going through the day (multiple periods of the same class), I spent more time giving an explanation about how to problem-solve when given only a written description. In the future I would do a sample problem before the rally coach activity so that students had a model to follow. I had expected them to remember how to create a mathematical model from the previous unit, but it was clear that many could not.

  Accountability: Success or No Success?
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Uniform Acceleration Calculations, Day #1

Unit 3: Uniform Acceleration Motion
Lesson 5 of 14

Objective: Students will be able to write a mathematical model to describe uniform acceleration from a position vs. time graph and a velocity vs. time graph and use them to solve problems for velocity, time, acceleration and displacement.

Big Idea: Relationships between position and time and between velocity and time allow students to solve for acceleration.

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